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Revamping for cam.. and more


Hey everyone! So as most of you know, I’ve been on hiatus from webcamming on any site. Which is definitely a much needed break to recharge my batteries and improve the experience for me AND you! Revamping for cam and for all my endeavors! I also have a lot of [...]

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SDCC 2014 Recap


Before Comic-Con/ SDCC 2014 even began this year, I was starting to tell myself.. and others, that I wouldn’t be attending next year. There’s just so much preparation and money involved with a trip that’s only a few hours away from my home.. but alas, by the first day I [...]

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Comic-Con Club


Hey everyone! So my 3rd Comic-Con International is coming up in San Diego! Preview night is July 23rd and I’m so excited! I paid for my hotel forever ago, but I still need to save up for food, drinks, travel and anything else I’d need. If you’d like to help, you [...]

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Kitten life!

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.15.30 AM

So about a week and a half ago I took an Uber car to get my hamster, Lovelump, some food and treats. Well to make a longer story short, I ended up holding an adoptable cat.. and falling madly in love.. at closing. The lady said she’d be back the [...]

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New Batman tattoo!


So I’ve been wanting a Batman tattoo for a while now, which shouldn’t come as a surprise! A few weeks ago I found this awesome art piece by Mark McHaley: Then after an awesome art exhibit at Wacko a few weekends ago, my friends took me to the shop they [...]

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Submissives & sexual favors


I hate people who think being willing to have someone sit on their face makes them a submissive. LOLNO. Sick of “subs” making comments about giving sexual favors. Being willing to perform cunnilingus doesn’t make you a submissive, dummies. Like nah braw, if I’m your Domme and you’re my sub, [...]

May 20, 2014 Ari Dee Domination, Feminism, Fetish 1

Zivity & Corwin Prescott


Hey everyone! I’ve been shooting lots of sexy new content for my site, but I wanted to tell you about a little side project I’ve started.. which is being on Zivity. For those of you who aren’t sure what Zivity is, it’s essentially a site for very professional, artistic nudes [...]

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March is the Month of Ari Dee!

Ari Dee Irish Lass

The lovely Ari Dee has a month full of awesomeness for her fans scheduled.  Our favorite Irish model has goodies in store for her fans and members both.  We apologize for having to cancel member chat yesterday, but the nasty storms hitting southern California made it difficult for Ari to [...]

March 1, 2014 Webmaster Member Chats 1

Blue Apron- first week!


I’m super excited to try out Blue Apron! I just got the first order today. They are essentially a service that picks 3 meals a week and sends you the perfect portions of each ingredient with the recipes so you can make them yourself. I’m excited to try it for [...]

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New forearm tattoo!


So here it is, ye olde obligatory blog to show off my new tattoo that I’m beyond happy with! What I wanted, I received in spades! I’m super happy with this and he took the ideas I had and made them beyond perfect. This is exactly what I wanted and [...]

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What a week!


Hey everyone! So accepting more plans in 2014 has already proven to be a lot of fun. On Friday @MinnieScarlet came over to hangout! We had a fun time being lazy, ordering breakfast food & watching Netflix. She did my makeup too She was a lot of fun and I [...]

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New Member Chat schedule!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make sure everyone knows the new time & day for my Member Chats on Fridays 4:30PM PST- 5PM PST 6:30PM CST- 7PM CST 7:30PM EST- 8PM EST If you’re an international member, check out this world clock website if you’re confused about times. You [...]

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